Olive & Oil 05/08/2013

The Portuguese researchers don't want you use the extra virgin olive oil for cooking

In order to preserve the biophenols the heating time should be minimized. Not only, in opinion of Portuguese researchers is economically advantageous to use lower categories of olive oils for cooking

A study of the University of Porto, in the publication of Food Research International examines the health properties of the extra virgin the virgin and the olive oil.
According the conclusion during cooking the extra virgin lose health and taste property.
So far, nothing sensational, the research focuses on the different types of cooking, in a pan or microwave, frying and to understand the dynamics of the main components of the oils examined.
According to the study, in order to preserve the bioactive components, namely polyphenols, extra virgin olive oil, the heating time should be minimized.
Apparently the discovery of hot water. Obviously the longer submit a product to an oxidizing agent, which is the heat, the more the product will be degraded.
A test that was readily performed with the obvious result that the more prolonged the process will be more heat the extra virgin, in its major components (fats) and lower (especially polyphenols) will tend to have characteristics similar to those of the oils category lower.
Even the organoleptic characteristics are affected by the heating.
The question is why the Portuguese colleagues Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, a few months before, they would focus their own, on polyphenols, in this case extracted from the leaves, to give greater stability to oil soybean during heating, in particular in the microwave.
What, however, leaves most perplexing is the final consideration of Portuguese researchers, also reported in the abstract of the scientific work: the suggest to use oils of a lower category to extra virgin because "cost-effective".
Apart from that the price difference between olive oil and extra virgin first price is now only a few euro cents, one wonders why only consider the economic side. And the taste?
We prefer then to remember what was claimed by Giovanni Lercker, Lorenzo Cerretani, Tullia Gallina Toschi of the University of Bologna: "Our argument leads to a conclusion: cook with a virgin is a great choice for both the taste, for health. Long as it is quality, chosen wisely, fresh and with a low acidity.
A final consideration. Considering the cost and the value dell'extravergine is sustainable propose for cooking, in particular frying?
In our opinion, yes and there are arrangements for savings. Type less frying and fry or saute in a pan oriental wok type that concentrates the oil on the concave bottom, reducing the amount required to "wet" the food to be cooked. "

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