Olive & Oil 03/03/2014

Import/export and production of olive oil in Spain, Italy and Greece

In 2012/13 Italy exported a total of 392000 t, which shows a drop of 5% versus the season before. Spain has exported 728621 tonn down by 25% on the previous crop year

At the close of 2012/2013 Spain has exported 728621 tonn, according Coi data, down by 25% on the previous crop year. Spain exports to countries outside the EU totalled 226505 t, its main customers were the United States, China, Japan, Brazil and Australia.
The sharp fall in home production in 2012/13 obliged it to buy large volumes of olive oil from its fellows EU Member States (114485 t in all).
Greece, Portugal and Italy benefited from this increase in Spanish acquisitions. Spanish imports from non EU contries also climbed to 61455 t, recordin and increase of 40093 t. The bulk of this increase came from Tunisia, Turkey and Morocco.
Supplies of Spanish olive oil to other EU Members came to a total of 502116 t, down by 26% from their level in 2011/12 when they accounted for 69% of all Spanish's exports. Ranked by volume, the EU countries that bought the most olive oil from Spain were Italy (218162 t, 47% less than previous crop year), Portugal, France and UK.

In 2012/13 Italy exported a total of 392000 t, which shows a drop of 5% versus the season before. EU countries took 40% of this tonnage, the main destinations being Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Belgium by volume ranking. Italian exports to non EU countries, which accounted 60% of its total exports, delined by 8% from their 2011/12 levels. The chief buyers were the United States, which took 30% of Italy's exports, followed by Japan, Canada, China and Swizerland.
Italians imports from outside the EU were 8% highter in 2012/13 than a year earlier, totalling 79800 t, most of which came from Tunisia (70967 t) and then Turkey and Chile.
A look at Italian purchase of olive oil inside the EU shows that it bought the largest volume from Spain, althought its acquisistions of Spanish olive oil drop by 48% in 2012/13. The next source of Italy intra EU acquisitions was Greece (67726 t).

Greece has exported a total of 229137 t, up by 73% the season before. Greece exports to non EU countries rose by 10% and went to United States, Canada, China, Russia and Australia. Intra EU supplies of Greece olive oil were 83% highter than in 2011/12 and rapresented 91% of total Greek exports. The main destinations, ranked by volume, were Italy and Spain, Gemany, United Kingdom and Bulgaria.

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