Olive & Oil 07/06/2014

A tsunami at IOC. The Turkey battle for the quality of olive oil

The new chair of the International Olive Oil Council is very active since the early days of his inauguration, including confrontations with the Executive Director Barjol and a proposal shock: the abolition of the category "olive oil"

Intensive weeks at the International Olive Council.

After the tug of war with the United States for new commercial standards, and then tackled the thorny question of striking oil colored with chlorophyll in Taiwan, the new Turkish Presidency is immediately noted for making a decisiveness and proposals that have certainly broken the quiet IOC progress of work.

Among proposals for revision of the analytical methods, such as spectrophotometry on, acidity, peroxides and polyphenols, comes a proposal without precedent: eliminate, or at least review the commercial category "olive oil".

The Turkish delegation want to reduce and simplify the commercial categories of olive oil. According to the Turks, in fact, it is necessary to avoid misleading consumers, using more descriptive terms to indicate the characteristics of the product.

The proposal provides for the elimination of the possibility of use of such information reviled "pure" and "light" on the packaging of oil and also that all the oils with acidity than 2% are classified as pomance oils. Instead of the indications "pure" and "light" the Turkish delegation proposes to introduce descriptions "balanced" and "high intensity of bitter and spicy."

The Turkish proposal for a revision of the commercial categories, so drastically, was greeted coolly by many countries, those from North Africa, while cautious openings are recorded on the regulatory definition of "pure" and "light."

On the table of the delegations who attended the special session of IOC the election of the new Executive Director. The mandate of Jean Louis Barjol will expire at year end, with the outgoing director who would like a reappointment for another year, while the Turkish delegation that relies on a replacement.

Crucial will be the position of the European Union, the main sponsor of the International Olive Council. And 'therefore possible that also the chair of the IOC executive director falls within the ongoing negotiations for the charges in the future European Commission and Parliament.

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