Olive & Oil 21/07/2014

Don't cook with olive oil!

A suggest that comes from a British research, readily taken up by the tabloids. Extra virgin only for salads and for cooking? "Fry as do the Chinese, with olive oil and water"

The British research seemes a spot for butter or seed oil and a new attack on the "King of Fat": the extra virgin olive oil.

The British tabloid "Daily Mail" and "The Telegraph" published the results of this study: eating unripe bananas, mashed not eat, do not cook with olive oil, for a healthy diet.

This, in short, the title of the article published in the newspapers on-line that draws the British and what was said by biochemistry professor Rodney Bilton, who has worked for 15 years in search of a healthy diet, based on scientific evidence.
I don't hate bananas, fruit also nice, but the cultivation of which brings with it untold atrocities (but that's another story), I compared the mashed potatoes (which I do not particularly like), but that for a healthy diet should avoid cooking with a generic "olive oil", no, I can not get through.

Sure, it's comforting (in part), as stated by Professor Bilton that recommend eating "olives and extra virgin olive oil only raw in salads rather than in the kitchen," but it is a very small thing compared to the advice to "fry as they do the Chinese, with olive oil and water, to avoid the heating of the oil and the consequent production of toxic chemicals."

Not later than for the other search results (do not mash the potatoes, drink water to reduce back pain, be wary of tofu, eat like the Masai, the danger of smoothies), I willingly leave to others the task, but my concern is legitimate: I (we) probably got it all wrong? I do not believe, you?

di Antonio G. Lauro