Olive & Oil 31/10/2014

Extraction of oil from uncrushed olives using supercritical fluid extraction method

Olive oil can be extracted from olives without crushing thus saving energy. A yield of approximately 12% was obtained using low pressure supercritical fluid extraction process.

Many countries around the world grow olive trees as olives and olive oil are considered very important food constituents.

Current extraction methods are considered classical methods which mainly imply size reduction of olives, and then separation of the extracted oil.

This study aimed at studying the propensity of supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE) of olives from Jordan without prior size reduction (crushing).

Different parameters were investigated including operating pressure, operating temperature, and extraction duration.

The study involves both experimental design analysis and parameter investigation. Results have indicated that it is possible to perform SCFE of olives without any size reduction. It was found that the maximum yield obtained at the conditions of this study was 12.3 wt% while these results have shown that the most effective parameter is the extraction time, followed by the operating temperature and lastly by the operating pressure.

An experimental model was developed in this study to predict the extraction yield as a function of these mentioned parameters.


Awni Al-Otoom, Sameer Al-Asheh, Mamdouh Allawzi, Khalid Mahshi, Nahawand Alzenati, Bader Banat, Bdour Alnimr, Extraction of oil from uncrushed olives using supercritical fluid extraction method, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Available online 31 October 2014, ISSN 0896-8446

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