Health & Gastronomy 03/07/2014

Calabria history and stories in ancient olive trees

This south Italia Region is not famous only for sea ancd beaches but also for olive oil. In Aspromonte you can see olive trees planted by the Normans, then belonged to the various baronies and again to the Aragonese and the Bourbons

Calabria, important south Italian Region, can start to raise its economy from olive trees and olive oil.

There are values that, if only they were properly exploited could contribute to raise awareness of the region.

Calabria needs to develop virtuous mechanisms for increasing the cultural tourism. Some stereotypes could be cancelled and the image of this Region can change.
All world Could will talk about a different Calabria.

There are olive trees in Aspromonte that, by themselves, tell a thousand years of history. Olive trees planted by the Normans in 1100. Olives belonged then to the various baronies and again to the Aragonese and the Bourbons. Olives, which over the centuries have created wealth and have fed generations of Calabrian peasants.

Millenian trees with sixteen feet in circumference, trees that can leave you speechless. A visit ideal for bikers and people who love nature and history.

From these giant trees is also produced extra virgin olive oil, an oil that we like to call “extreme” due the enormous patience and trouble it takes to produce it.

In this fascinating area of Calabria also farmers produce high quality extra virgin, with thousand of pleasant and incredible aromas.
Growers and olive millers export this extra virgin in markets around the world: Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia, Austria, Ukraine, etc.. etc..

A success possible thanks to the wisdom and passion of agronomists and experts of extra virgin olive oil, which transmit their knowledge with the "sensory analysis training"

Calabria could tell these values in a one-day trip, but should be told in a few days ...

This is Calabria.

di Rosario Franco