Health & Gastronomy 07/08/2014

Global Agri-Technology Sector Grows by 2.4% in 2013-14

A new report released last week has identified current and future growth in the global agri-technology sector, using innovative ways of collecting and analysing data. Growth has increased from 1.9% in 2008/09 to 2.4% this year with the trend forecast to continue over the next five years.

For a long time the sector has been impossible to quantify accurately. Classed as an ‘umbrella’ term, agri-technology covers a range of activities spanning many industries such as environment, pharmaceuticals, transport and electronics; and it has not, up to this point ever been effectively measured.

Market research methods, pioneered by UKAFD and kMatrix are now being used by government agencies around the world to analyse ‘problem’ and priority markets, and to accurately measure and monitor the global agri-technology industry, providing a benchmark for the industry.

For the first time UKAFD and kMatrix have created a comprehensive sector definition, which is underpinned by hundreds of data sources, including multiple economic performance measures, dividing the industry into 25 widely recognised agri-technology sub-sectors.

The Global Agri-Technology Report 2014, available now from UKAFD, is intended for managers, marketers, analysts, policy advisors, trade advisors, economists, researchers and technologists interested in the current economic impact and future potential of the Agri-technology sector.

It will help them to create meaningful economic or market baselines for agri-technology products and services; benchmark comparative product and service performance; identify potential markets, economic opportunities and measure competitive performance.

di S. C.