Health & Gastronomy 26/08/2014

New Zealand wine show exports grew 10%

New Zealand Wine show exports for the 12 months to June 2014 grew 10% to reach $1.33bn. Value growth was driven by the US, up 16% to $328m, while smaller markets such as Germany and the Netherlands also saw strong growth. Export value to Chine decreased -8%. The value of bulk white wine increased 7% to $4.00 per litre during the year, while packaged wine was down slightly to $8.32 per litre. Both Australia and the UK saw the average price per bottle rise.

The winegrowers' association also noted that 445m tonnes of grapes were crushed in 2014 harvest, a steep rise on the 345m of 2013. This will serve to replenish stocks following relatively lean crops in recent years. While the bumper harvest is likely to see a return to price deflation on the domestic market and a renaissance of 'second tier' brands, brands priced between mainstream and premium, it will also likely lead to increased export focus in the years ahead.

di S. C.