Health & Gastronomy 29/09/2014

Exports of Spanish olive oil reaches one million tons

Half of the exports are to Italian and Portuguese bottlers but the trade with Spanish brands is growing. Now the Iberian country is first in the United States, China and Japan

For the first time in the history, Spain was exceeded one million tons of olive oil sold abroad but half of trade of oil are sold in bulk to Italy (450 thousand tons), and Portugal (50 thousand tons).

Now the Spanish export of olive oil has doubled its domestic consumption, stops at 550 thousand tons.

Still low share of exports is sold already bottled, only 270 thousand tons, but with good growth in recent years.

According to the association of exporters of olive oil, Asoliva, record this season is mainly due to high oil campaign last year, where it touched 1.8 million tons of production, with prices remained low, even under the 2 euro / kg, for much of the season, the lowest quotation of the entire Mediterranean basin.

As for the bottled oil brand Iberian, they are sold in the European Union 60 000 tonnes, followed by the United States, with nearly 20 thousand, then Australia and Brazil with 17,000 tonnes each. Significant consumption in China, 12,000 tons, Japan, 8000 tons, while in Russia touched the 7000 tons.
According to the data of Asoliva Spain has already exceeded exports of olive oil in Italy in the markets of the United States, China and Japan. However, Italy remains leader in Germany and in Canada.

In increasing the Iberian exports to the United States has played a key role in two companies: the Portuguese Sovena and the American Pomperian. Both have large orders to meet demand, even by large supermarket chains such as Costco.

di S. C.