Health & Gastronomy 30/09/2014

The aphrodisiac foods: what are the best?

Not only chili, chocolate and oysters. For optimal performance erotic guys should also eat oats, mussels, honey and eggs. Some regulate the levels of testosterone, so the desire, other the serotonin, so the contentment

Food and diet also affect our sexuality. The aphrodisiac foods are therefore not a myth, according to results presented at the Congress of the Italian Society of Urology, even if the food does not have miraculous benefits.

At the table we can still improve and increase our sexuality and fertility due to a variety of foods.

It is no longer an urban legend, the oysters are really good at sex. But also mussels and clams can give a little 'spice to the couple's relationship, as well as the unexpected honey, little regarded oats or eggs nutrients, as well as chocolate and chili, of course.

"A healthy and balanced diet, based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, is the basis for good sexual health. There are foods that are more than others, can give a plus under the sheets thanks to the nutrients they contain in abundance - says Vincenzo Mirone, general secretary of the Siu - some are now known as the chili, which is useful for enhancing the sexual desire of him because it improves blood circulation in the male genitals and stimulates the prostate and ejaculation due to capsaicin, others are less well known and sometimes unexpected such as oats or honey, which reactivate the production of testosterone by increasing libido due to nutrients such as boron, a mineral misunderstood. menu that ignites a passion for him then enter rightfully eggs, rich in protein that rebalance the levels of male hormones by increasing the desire, oysters and seafood, which are full of zinc essential for a good ejaculation and semen; chocolate, also useful for her because in both sexes reduces stress and helps the release of serotonin, a neuromodulator of happiness. "

The studies discussed in Florence also indicate the "prohibitions" to be observed if you want a satisfying sex life and to not jeopardize fertility.

"In the first rank among the foods no, sugary drinks: consumed in excess bring a cargo of sugar too high, which worsens the peripheral microcirculation making it harder erection and contributes to alterations in sperm that could compromise the ability 'to have children - explains Annalisa Olivotti, biologist nutritionist, an expert in nutrigenetics - not even a copious consumption of red meat and processed industrially, that due to the high intake of saturated fatty acids reduces the number of sperm worsening the quality as well as to reduce fried foods, snack foods and all foods that contain too much saturated fat. Finally, moderation with alcohol: it does not help the desire because it interferes with the functioning of the glands that regulate the production of sex hormones, and may affect fertility, because it damages cells in the genital important for the production and maturation of sperm. "

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