Grapevine & Wine 05/10/2009

Seeking a youth, dynamic and eco-friendly packaging for wine

Cork bye bye. It’s time for new ideas. A new revolution is coming after the progressive lightening of bottles imposed by the marketing and visibility demands

The tradition is no longer matter of the cellar. The cork risks disappearing in favor of new solutions, some new idea and some rediscovery.

If the original choice of the cork plug was due to economic reasons, basically deriving from the product positioning and the competitiveness need, relegating the screw top and silicon to very low quality products, nowadays to reasons for the substitution of the cork plug are different.

In particular, they are not only technical reasons, but they also involve ecological aspects, aiming at realizing a more balanced relationship with the environment. All the same, it was also a responsibility of the marketing experts which were looking for a simplification of the wine image, considered by many as cryptic and complex, toward a more youth and dynamic idea of the wine world.

Hence, will it disappear in the future the apprehension to open a great bottle and to find it corked? Many people are firmly convinced of it and already consider the screw or the glass tops as a valid alternative to the cork.

According to them, these alternatives would grant the maintenance of the freshness and the aromas of wine, granting a perfect long-term preservation.
The change is going on and many signs are arriving from the first level wine griffe all over the world. Not only in the New World, but also the most important terroir of France and Italy, the two countries with the longest wine-making tradition, seem to be oriented toward a cork dismiss.

di Graziano Alderighi