Grapevine & Wine 01/03/2010

To use wine by-products to reduce pollution?

The idea of the Veneto region, in Italy, is to grant a longer life to the old diesel vehicles by employing an additive able to decrease the pollutant emissions

In the Veneto region, in the North-East of Italy, the quality of wine products is definitively high; now the region is trying to employ the by-products of such production to reduce the pollution.

Starting from some by-products of the grapes processing a local company obtained an additive, known as Magigas D7 (from the company name), which seems to be able to reduce the PM10 emission of the old diesel engines (before Euro 4 regulation) without any modification to the vehicle.

The Veneto region credits this project and now the effectiveness of the D7-diesel will be verified in a testing financed by the Region. The testing period, from March to August, will concern all the buses of the Actv transport agency of Venice, in the context of the “Clean Venice” project.

According to Renato Chisso, Regional Councilor for Mobility, “the to-do politic and the promotion of positive actions is definitively more effective than a regulation made of prohibitions. The Region financed the testing session with 100,000 euro, starting from the positive results of the first tests done at the European Community Joint Research Center of Ispra, in Italy, on Iveco Euro 0 and Euro 2 Buses”.

di S. C.