Grapevine & Wine 05/04/2010

The vineyard becomes high tech. Welcome to the new technologies!

The Quali&Vigna project introduces a new concept of sustainable viticulture that matches technology and eco-compatibility. From the mobile laboratory to telemetry; this will be the next future of vineyards

The quality and the safety of alimentary products, together with the control of externalities, are nowadays the pivotal elements of an agriculture more respectful of the environment; these aims are now viable with the help of new technologies and procedures.

The engineering of vine productions, which is one of the most advanced fields in this area, allows optimizing the culturing (irrigation, pruning, soil improvement, fertilization, phytosanitary treatments, harvesting, …) not only for the whole vineyard, but also for small subsections of the vineyard. This allows to modulate the interventions according to the particular needs of each specific vineyard (the so-called “precision viticulture”).

The modern geomatic technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GSP), the Remote Sensing techniques and proper software, allow getting very precious data for the design and the management of the vineyard. The precision and accuracy of such technologies allows:

di Marco Vieri, Pier Paolo Pagni