Grapevine & Wine 04/10/2010

Australia will safeguard the Italian wines

A new agreement, which replaces the 1994 one, protects the European system of wine labeling and grants a full protection to the EU geographic indications

The first of September came into force the new bilateral agreement, which replaces the 1994 one, to protect the EU geographic indications, also for the wines intended for export to third countries. All the Italian wines are cited in the agreement, hence they are all protected.

Within one year from the agreement and after a transition period, Australia will no longer use for some of its wines the EU geographical indications, such as “Lambrusco”, “Champagne” or “Porto”.

In 2009 Europe imported wines from Australia for 643 million euro and exported there wine for 68 million euro.

According to the EU Farming commissioner Dacian Ciolos, “the agreement gives important guarantees to the EU wine world, safeguarding the geographical indications and the local traditions of the European wines in Australia and in other countries”.

This new agreement protects the EU wine labeling system by listing the optional reference that the Australian production will be allowed to use and by regulating the naming of the vine varieties for the labels. Moreover, in order to employ names which usually refer to high-quality wines, such as “vintage” or “cream”, the Australian producers will now need to meet the same requirements as the EU ones.

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