Grapevine & Wine 04/06/2012

The Università delle Marche studies the wine preferences of Italians

Productions from Piedmont, Tuscany and Veneto are the preferred ones. Wine is considered a small luxury and the 35% of interviewee are ready to spend up to 35€ for a bottle

A research held by Gabrielle Micozzi, professor of marketing at the Università Politecnica delle Marche, performed on 1,446 people over 18 years old, investigates the relationship between Italians and wines.

According to this research, Italians prefer wines deriving from Piedmont (20%), Tuscany (16%) and Veneto (10%); wine is considered as a small luxury.

Being a luxury, Italians like to be informed about it and the 73% of them do it by means of articles or Internet. For the same reason, the 45% is ready to spend up to 35€ for a good bottle.

However, the 47.7% of people declared that they are decreasing their wine consumption; this is not for economic reasons (9%), but for habits / fashion / taste (40%), for tighter laws on drinking and driving (26%) or for dietary regimes (25%).

The 22% drinks an average of one glass a day; the 40% drinks 2-3 times a week and the 21% just once a week. Italians prefer drinking wine during dinner (48%), even if a relevant 36% drinks a glass both at lunch and dinner. The 16% drinks it as an aperitif, instead.

As for wine shopping, the 48% buys wine at the supermarket, the 24% buys it directly at the cellar and a mere 5% buys it at the wine shop. Finally, the 80% of interviewees loves changing wine frequently and the selection criteria are: value for money, geographic origin, sensorial features and the history of a wine.

di R. T.