Grapevine & Wine 06/01/2014

How much bulk wine travel around the world? Despite the crisis, business is increasing

Sales of bulk wine have now reached 39% of international trade in the sector, growing by 61% in the period 2005-2012. Slight setback for the decline in production only in Europe but is expected to recover in coincidence with the good performance of the vintage 2013

Exports of wine in bulk, tanker, in 2012 reached 37 million hectoliters, according to data from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) .
A volume of slightly less than the entire Italian wine production and 14% of the world production of wine.
Now the bulk accounts for 39 % of international trade , an increase from 2005 to 2012 by 61% .

Only slight setback in 2012 with a decrease of 3% compared to 2011. This decrease is not due to a trend or a decrease of the appeal of this trade but only for the reduction of world wine production, though mainly concentrated in Europe.

There is no single strategy in the export of bulk wine. Two, however, approaches. There are a number of countries, especially emerging ones, which maintain low prices while others, like those in Europe, offering prices risen because of increased attractiveness to these territories.

In 2012, the increase in imports is served either to supplement domestic production, in Italy and France, but also to meet the growing demand for foreign wines around the world . And ' the case of Germany, which suffered an increase in prices , however , gave rise to problems in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Although the average price of bulk wine is going up, in some countries the trend is still growing, thanks to the increase in wine consumption at higher prices .

But what is planned for 2013 and 2014 ? With the significant increase of +9 % of world production is likely that the bulk wine trade is bound to increase significantly. In fact, the high production of 245 million hectoliters , could drive down lists so reopening opportunities and market opportunities in countries that are in need of cheap wines

di R. T.