Grapevine & Wine 03/02/2014

OIV 2014: An Organisation looking towards the future

Together with the Vice-presidents of the OIV, Yves Bénard and Monika Christmann, the OIV's Director General Jean Marie Aurand presented the Organisation's goals on his behalf and on the behalf of the President, Claudia Quini, to assembled diplomats, government representatives and professionals from the viticulture sector

The Director General went on to highlight the value of the global viticulture industry to the world economy, reminding attendees that "annual wine production is now at almost 281 hectolitres worldwide, and is worth more than 1000 Airbus A 320's". He also underscored the "strong and steady growth in trade" (100 million hectolitres, or 36% of production).

Mr Aurand also mentioned the challenges facing the industry and the solutions proposed by the OIV's 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, a plan that he pledged to implement with the aim of ensuring fair trade and the integrity and sustainability of the various viticultural products on the world market, and responding to the legitimate expectations of ever-more demanding consumers in terms of quality, protection of health and environment protection and information on vitivinicultural products.

The Director General welcomed recent contacts which should enable the Organisation to expand its reach via new members, and to strengthen the global position of the OIV, which boasts the participation of more than 600 international experts, who together form the scientific foundations of the Institution and enable it to generate the kind of consensus needed to bring about real and comprehensive change.

Finally, Mr Aurand made reference to two anniversaries OIV is celebrating this year: 90 years since its creation in 1924 and ten years since its reorganisation in 2004. According to the new Director General, "the OIV's combination of youth and experience gives it the enthusiasm and dynamism it needs to support the ambitions of the viticulture sector".

di S. C.