Grapevine & Wine 31/05/2014

How to preserve the freshness of a young wine?

The use of preparations of inactive yeast rich in glutathione may be a more sustainable alternative to preserving the aroma of young wines compared to sulfites

The market demands more and more wines fresh, young and bright flavors. The consumption of this type of wine salt but there is the problem of how to preserve these special organoleptic for at least a few months.

A Spanish research team has tested the use of preparations of inactive yeast rich in glutathione, dimostrandeone effectiveness.

This would be a big step forward compared to the use of Solid sulfites, compounds that can also cause problems in food intolerance.

The use of additives based on wine yeast inactive represents an interesting alternative natural currently very well accepted by the wine industry. However, at the scientific level, until now, had not yet been proven technological capability of this type of preparation for the preservation of the aroma of young wines.

To do this, the researchers studied the effect of a preparation of inactivated yeast enriched with glutathione sull'aroma a Grenache rosé wine in comparison with the same wine produced in the traditional way.

Researchers used a panel of 12 trained judges to the recognition of certain odors and flavors and the use of scales of intensity. Up to 9 months of storage the wines were sensorially similar. After that, in order to assess qualitatively and quantitatively the differences, it is a descriptive sensory analysis was carried out which showed that wines with additives with inactive yeast have fruit flavors (strawberry and banana) statistically more intense and less intense aromatic notes related to oxidation .

di R. T.