Grapevine & Wine 03/09/2014

French harvest 2014: Bordeaux crop up

In its final forecast, Bordeaux volumes are expected to rise 8% on the five-year average to between 5 and 6m hectolitres (56m to 67m nine-litre cases). Overall, French volumes will be up 11% on last year to 47m hectolitres (522m cases).

This comes as good news to Bordeaux growers, who in recent years have battled inclement weather and had to pick selectively to maintain quality.

Other regions have been less fortunate. As reported previously by The IWSR, hailstorms have wreaked havoc in Burgundy and Languedoc Roussillon. There are likely to be varied results for the different Burgundy appellations, while Languedoc Roussillon's total output is expected to be 9% down on last year to 12m hectolitres (138m cases).

di S. C.