Food Notes & Tousim 04/10/2010

Salella: the extra virgin of Cilento region

Pietra Bianca, by Frantoio Monzo, born from passionate olive growing and full of love for his land and its traditions

Il Frantoio Monzo born in 1993 in Casal Velino Marina, a village located in the heart of the Cilento National Park, where Mr. Anthony Monzo passionate olive growing and full of love for his land and its traditions, decided to turn its olives, and then later to make a good product for others.

The family-run company formed at first by Antonio Monzo wife and three children, then later by brothers Monzo that in recent years have developed a strong
interest in the company focusing primarily on quality.

Today the company has a modern continuous cycle plant for the processing of the olives where the technology and experience, and above all love for their work have led to good results.

Pietra bianca extra virgin olive oil

Olive varieties: variety Salella alone.

Tasting:. Greenish yellow hues, it is clear to the eye. The nose has fruity notes of medium intensity with clear hints of tomato and elegant floral tones. The palate is soft, with initial sweetness and a gradual opening to the bitter and spicy, full taste vegetable, mild astringency. In closing bit spicy and almond notes.

The matches. Barley with herbs, asparagus with walnuts, chicken breast with onions.

Estate and producted by:
Frantoio oleario Germano Monzo,
84040 Casal Velino Marina (Salerno)

di Luigi Caricato