Food Notes & Tousim 04/10/2010

Vittorio Fusari: to not forget einkorn

A tasty and interesting soup of einkorn with squid ink, tartar souce and shrimps, mozzarella and basil


200 g wheat einkorn
200 g Mozzarella di Bufala
Basil 50 gr
500 g fish stock
200 grams of red shrimp
1 organic lemon
2 grams of chilli
1 bouquet garni mix
Extra virgin olive oil


Cook einkorn in about 400g of fish stock and squid ink for 40 minutes.

Blend with remaining mozzarella balloon, basil and pepper in Termomix at 80 ° until creamy.

Clean the prawns in half by keeping the natural part of the package and make a tartare quenelles.

In a bowl place a strip of einkorn wheat on both sides filled with cream cheese and raw shrimp. On the grain to have the controversy of tartare of prawns.

Close the plate with a drizzle of olive oil and grated lemon peel.

di Vittorio Fusari