Food Notes & Tousim 01/11/2010

Aperitive olive oil, an original idea by Antonio Ruggero

The extra virgin olive oil now becomes a bevenda? Not only a provocation by a teacher with passion for good tasting

Then the extra virgin olive oil now becomes a bevenda?
The proposed initiative and revived several times by the teacher of Teano Antonio Ruggiero, President, among other things, producers and restaurateurs of the Committee for the revaluation of the high Caserta and sommelier of AIS, and chef, food and wine, and mycologist of course, olive oil tasting at the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta, and also a sculptor and teacher of vegetable cheese tasters for ONAF second level.

Ruggiero sometimes concoct a strategy to engage its customers, with some new idea for guests who have no knowledge about the tasting of the oils of high quality and thus offers its customers extra virgin olive oil as appetizer.

Why drink. Why is a "drink" drink before eating, which is to secrete digestive juices and aid digestion.
Antonio Ruggiero offers this oil just the same way as a beverage, even with following canapés and bruschetta.

For this his idea Ruggiero has developed a specification. The oil is selected aperitif before being sold. The consumer is guaranteed by a series of measures ranging from the choice of cultivars to the collection, the choice of grinding mill with within 12 hours all the steps needed to preserve in appropriate rooms to the right temperature. The product is then "assembled" and put on sale, so as to ensure its quality and consistency throughout the year.

Aperitive olive oil

Tasting: green with golden reflections, it is clear to the eye. He smells
of medium intensity, herbaceous overtones and hints of artichoke plant. Al
palate has good fluidity, it is sweet and smooth, harmonious, with notes
pleasing bitter and spicy. In closing references to the almond green.

The matches: pasta with olives, potato and herb almonds,
fillets of red mullet with tomato and basil

Bottled by:
Fortezza Normanna, di Antonio Ruggiero
Via Madonna di Loreto, 81058 Vairano Patenora (Caserta), Italy

di Luigi Caricato