Food Notes & Tousim 01/11/2010

A voice for the olive oil

What helps the voice of a famous international singer? The olive oil. Selena Gomez, the 17 years old star of teenagers, promotes the olive oil

Selena Gomez is a 17 years old girl with already many movies under her belt. She is beloved by teenagers and is an eclectic artist that loves singing.

The stars’ gestures to ward off bad luck are known. For instance, the cauliflower juice is considered a panacea for the vocal cords. Selena Gomez prefers something else, though: “I drink olive oil before every concert”. As she says, the olive oil helps her to relax the vocal cords, even if “it is not so pleasant to drink”.

So, what we would find entering Selena’s dressing room? “I don’t ask for anything strange; just some tea. I usually have some lemons and asparagus, and I love finger food”.

Something that Selena always brings along are her boots: “They are very important to me since I wear them in all my concerts: I never fell with them!”

di S. C.