Food Notes & Tousim 01/11/2010

Antonella Roversi: from architecture to farming

The sensitivity of women in the service of olive oil in the Italian Marche Region because "agriculture represents the origin of the evolution of men"

Antonella Roversi, who was born in Ancona, graduated in Architecture. After a brief period of collaboration with the Department of City Planning at the Politecnico of Milan, has chosen to dedicate land to the company of his family, in the Marche. In Carmine farm she mainly deals with the commercial and marketing.

Why do you decide to make business in farming?
It is an opportunity that my family has given me. I have always loved the countryside but thanks to direct experience I’ve got to know in a deep way the difficulties and the effort that involve all the people who are directly dedicating themselves to the farming.

Do you feel more a peasant, a farmer or a business men?
As a farmer worker I can consider myself a little bit strange. Fortunately I can rely on worthy helpers who releive me from various types of physical efforts, but our company is small and all the people are required to be good all-rounder, that means that everyone has to be able to accomplish all the tasks. I am sometimes an entrepreneur or even a peasant…it depends on the days!

A definition of farming.
Agriculture represents the origin of the evolution of men….that’s saying a lot!We had better think about and reconsider its worth in the course of history as well as in the life of all of us. Everyday I have the chance to realize that we don’t know or maybe we don’t remember what production means: our world is made of sellers!

An adjective for defining the world of farming
Careless, shabby, sometimes ignored.

A keyword for the future of farming.
To give work a worth.

A model men.
In my life I have known many people who helped me a lot, for this reason they deserve a good position on a pedestal. They all belong to my privacy.

Someone to… go to the hell.
Actually I don’t love nowadays politics especially our Prime Minister, the Chief of the Executive because of the values he is passing on people through his way of performing.

A book concerning the rural world you’d suggest to read.
An essay of architecture, The City in History: Its Origins, Its Transformations, and Its Prospects di Lewis Munford, where it is theorized that the basic reason for the supremacy of the Greek and the Romans on the populations of that time laid in their farming products as well as in the ingredients of their diet: the Mediterranean diet provided them with physical and intellectual strenght.

Your favorite book.
Fate la nanna by Estivil Eduard. it saved me and my daughters some years ago!

Your favorite song or composition.
I adore Sting who has followed me for a great part of my life. The song I love the most, also because it reminds me of a marvellous period, is: Desert Rose (included in “Brand new day”compilation).

Your unforgettable movie.
“Room with a view”, by James Ivory.

What would you like to find after passing away?
I really have no idea!I only hope there will be serenity for those who remain.

di T N