Food Notes & Tousim 06/12/2010

Chiara Olivi, from Maremma with passion for Slow Food

After a economy bachelor at Florence University, she decided to follow the destiny in her surname. She fights her struggle against serial, global and not much natural food

She is 38 years old. She is currently living in Grosseto and she is working in a rural area in the Tuscan countryside called Località Ampio, in the heart of Maremma, near Castiglione della Pescaia.
She started working in the olive oil family business after graduated from the University of Florence, Economy faculty. Since then she is fully dedicated to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Her objective is not only try to achieve high qualitative standards in the olive oil production and to run the olive oil business in a dynamic and innovative way, but also to make the public aware of a high quality food, exploring forgotten senses and flavours.
She fights her struggle against serial, global and not much natural food which pollute the environment and do not respect the ones who work it.

-Why do you decide to make business in farming?
A destiny in my surname. I decided to make a business in farming in order to run with professionalism and responsibility the family business. I would like to add value to the farming seeing that the farming urgently needs innovation and modernization.

-Do you feel more a peasant, a farmer or a business men?
Business woman
-A definition of farming.
A business to upgrade the qualitive and quantitative standard of the land products.

-An adjective for defining the world of farming.

-A keyword for the future of farming.
Total quality
-A model men.
-Someone to… go to the hell.
Kim Jong II, North Korea dictator. His dictatorship is considered the worst of all against the human rights.
-A book concerning the rural world you’d suggest to read.
Terra Madre – Come non farci mangiare dal cibo (how to not be eaten by foods) by Carlo Petrini
-Your favorite book.
The master and Margarita by Michail Bulgakov.
-Your favorite song or composition.
Cornflakes girl by Tory Amos
-Your unforgettable movie.
25th hour by Spike Lee

-What would you like to find after passing away?
Fair minded world.

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