Food Notes & Tousim 02/05/2011

We are slaves of the potato. Where will this bring us?

There are few that dislike and distrust the potato. A comment by the “Unknown Philosopher” Guido Ceronetti, from his Insects without borders

With the arrival of the potato, with a high content of Matter, the de-spiritualization of Europe began. Unfortunately we have become slaves of potatoes. There are few that dislike and distrust the potato. I do not trust potatoes but all the same I would eat them every day! Even the invasion of brute eroticism is a latent consequence of the nineteenth century potato-based foods. They were even able to redeem themselves by appearing in the Van Gogh’s potato-eaters and by being exalted in the Angelus by Millet. The entire German and Slavonic worlds are on their knees for potatoes addiction. It is likely that the reason for so many unsuccessful climbs to God by brilliant philosophers was a meat- and potato-based diet! It would be better if potato would remain en la mata, where it was taken from...

Guido Ceronetti

Text from: Guido Ceronetti, Insetti senza frontiere (Insects without borders), Adelphi, Milano 2009

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