Food Notes & Tousim 06/05/2011

The extra virgin Agrestis, tomato and white fruit

The "Bell'Omio" is an Italian olive oil from olives produced in Sicily Round Iblea pure, organically grown. He won the prestigious Oil Capital, and not just

The extra virgin olive Bell'Omio "won in the category fruity fifth edition of the Oil Capital but has also won other awards, or whatever you classsificato is among the first places.


The view is from greenish yellow gold.

The nose has hints of tomato and white fruit, with hints of apple. They are fruity bouquet of medium intensity from herbaceous overtones.

The palate is soft and enveloping, balanced, spicy and bitter notes with well-proportioned and pleasing. Plant has a taste and flavor. In closing a bit spicy and the return of white fruit and hints of tomato.


Spaghetti with zucchini and rice to potatoes, cold cucumber soup, tuna carpaccio with rocket sauce, mussels au gratin with lemon and hazelnuts.

Produced and bottled by:
Società Cooperativa Agricola
Via Pappalardo 11 - 96010 Buccheri (Sr)

di Luigi Caricato