Food Notes & Tousim 06/06/2011

"Dolcenoto", a pure white muscat

It is produced in Noto, South Italy, from Felice Modica. It is characterized by elegance, refinement and persistent fruity and floral notes

The name of the wine is "Dolcenoto, " and joins the other great wines of Felice Modica. This is the Doc Moscato di Noto, 100% white muscat grapes grown in Noto, the estate Bufalefi.


The wine captures immediately, at first glance. Already see it in the bottle. It 's a clear yellow, bright, which tends to slightly green.

The scents are fresh and intense, floral, with hints of acacia and orange, but also you can see hints of peach, sage and feels just as clearly, however, the muscat grape from which it proceeds, as if warned the scent of freshly picked grapes.

The taste, finally, demonstrate the persistence of elegant fruity, with a sweetness in perfect balance as well because of the pleasant acidity.

Produced and bottled by:
Bufalefi farm by Felice Modica
Via Ruggero Settimo 25 - Noto (SR) - Italy

di Luigi Caricato