Food Notes & Tousim 04/07/2011

The "Cladivm"? Olive Picudo profumes

It is producted by Aroden from Andalucia. A single variety oil. The bottle is DOP Priego de Córdoba

The company produces among other things, in a region highly suited to olive what is the Andalucia. A region known for its massive production, with hints do not always appreciated. Yet even the Andalucia positively surprised.

Aroden based in Carcabuey, to be exact. The aceite to DOP Priego de Córdoba has a sensory profile of high quality, impeccable: he finished among the finalists of the 2011 Oil Capital of the prestigious prize awarded in Trieste, Italy.


Aroden, "Cladivm", DOP Priego de Córdoba

A deep green, sharp-featured and clear. The nose has intense fruity and fresh, clean, with hints of green almond and clear hints of tomato. In the mouth has a bell'impatto: it is fascinating, with a smooth and a bitterness in a proper light, well-dosed, plant and taste hot and spicy tones that are also found at the end, with hints of apple and vegetables, in particular celery.


An ideal pairing? The Andalusian gazpacho, of course, but is perfect with soups, vegetables and sauce for grilled meats.

di Luigi Caricato