Food Notes & Tousim 04/07/2011

How is the wine this year?

Alessandro Tamburini brings us in Italy, in the Maremma Toscana, in the area of the Morellino di Scansano wine, with a movingly story called “my mother’s wine”


“How is the wine this year?”
“It is better than last year that already was a good year” says a voice behind me. He is Mario, which welcomes me with a brief shaking of hands. Lonely, discrete, unmarried by choice, he is the first-born of the family but he leaves to his brother all the family’s business since he doesn’t want any responsibility. Wine is his only interest. Now he is catching two glasses from the cupboard and pouring some wine; “You must taste the new wine of this year”, he says.

I taste the fruity aroma, the full body, with the roughness of tannins that dries my mouth. Pietro clacks his tongue, while Mario is approaching a table where there are a bunch of bottles of different qualities to try.

“This is in bottle from twenty months. I suggest you to try it. It is more than 14 degrees”, he says, giving me a glass filled to the brim. I drink it slowly and I find the taste that I adore, smooth and warm, with a taste of wood. The pleasure of the tasting goes together with the pleasure of knowing that I’ll go home with an hundred of these bottles, and that in as many nights I’ll open it and taste this wonderful taste.

“I want it for sure. But stop with the tastings otherwise I’ll faint before reaching the table”.
“No…”, says Pietro, “also your mother when was here was used to say that, besides she had a queasy stomach, here she could eat everything; she was drinking wine and she was taking her bottles home”.


Alessandro Tamburini

Text from: Alessandro Tamburini, "Il vino di mia madre", in AA. VV. (a cura di Luigi Caricato), Tutti dicono Maremma Maremma, Provincia di Grosseto, Edizioni Effigi, Grosseto 2010

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