Food Notes & Tousim 05/12/2011

To celebrate together the holidays, nothing beats a Cartizze

There is a particularly precious hillside area in Valdobbiadene (Italy) called Cartizze. From the mid 18th Century a family spent whole lifes growing grapes and to produce this supreme Prosecco

Documents from the mid 18th Century prove the existence of Bartolomeo Bortolomiol, the ancestor from whom today’s family takes their name and calling to the production of wine. Bartolomeo spent his whole life growing grapes on the hillsides of Valdobbiadene, passing on to his descendents his love of the land and ability to get the best from it. His lesson was well learned by Giuliano Bortolomiol, the founder of today’s company and a man who dedicated his life to
Prosecco with a passion for quality and unshakable belief in its potential.
Today it’s Giuliano’s daughters Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana who have taken on this mission with their mother Ottavia and oenologist Gianfranco Zanon. Together they have invested a great deal of energy and resources into ensuring quality and maintaining the company’s strong links to the land and its history.

Bortolomiol Cartizze

This Cartizze has a fine and persistent perlage, a real invitation to drink. You can enjoy aromas of fruit cocktail, hazelnuts and sweet acacia flowers in an exhilarating fusion. In the mouth the characteristic sugars are balanced by a freshness and notable density and creaminess.

Matches: fine, subtlely sweet pastries.

Produced and bottled by:
Bortolomiol S.p.A.
Via Garibaldi, 142 - 31049 Valdobbiadene (TV) Italy

di Graziano Alderighi