Food Notes & Tousim 05/12/2011

Christmas tree with coffee

Eating the Christmas tree will be a playful event with your children and it is a tasty snack for the afternoon of holidays

Ingredients for 8 people:
- 1 sponge cake made ​​with 3 eggs low and rectangular,
- 300 g butter cream with coffee,
- 300 g pastry cream to coffee,
- 1 cup coffee,
- decorations of your choice.

1) The night before (preparation of the roll stuffed):
Prepare the cake in a mold bottom and rectangular, 20 x 30 cm. Freshly baked sponge cake, then pull it out from the mold and cut the edges to the darker parts. Roll it in a kitchen towel. Let stand until it cools. Srotolatelo gently and brush coffee. Spread at this point all the coffee custard. Roll it back, as tight as possible. Cover with plastic wrap. Put it in the refrigerator and lasciatecelo all night.

2) Morning meal (preparation of the trunk):
Remove the roll from the film and spread generously with butter cream with coffee. Using a fork crossed the surface of the roll, trying to mimic the appearance of the bark of a tree. Do not skimp decorations according to your taste! Put the socket in the refrigerator and allow to rest until the dessert.

di Aliona Avduhova