Food Notes & Tousim 02/01/2012

Volubilia, a Moroccan olive oil by Picholine variety

This extra virgin is producted on the slopes of Mount Atlas, by Christophe Gribelin in Meknes. A surprising North Africa

Let no one think that the good oil is made only in Europe. The quality you get everywhere, you just work well, be careful and have every possible care, from field to mill, but also after. The oil is amazing for Gribelin goodness and fineness. We tasted for you.

The view is clear, golden-yellow from greenish.
The nose has intense fruity notes, on average, with notes and references to plant apple and banana.
The palate has good fluidity and a perception soft and round taste the hints of almond and vegetable herbs, bitter and spicy notes harmonious and well proportioned.
In closing, the retro-olfactory sensation, the notes field of grass and a little bit spicy.

di Maria Carla Squeo