Food Notes & Tousim 02/07/2012

Anchovy cookies

A recipe by Valentino Bontempi, chef at the Bontempi Italian Restaurant in Moscow, for a bit of Italian cuisine in your summer 2012

For the upcoming summer here is a recipe with anchovies, extra virgin olive oil and clarified butter.


Fresh anchovies: 500 g

Sandwich loafs: 6

Parsley: 1 stem

Garlic: 1 clove

Spring onion: 2



Extra virgin olive oil

Clarified butter: 200 g


Remove the head and the spine of the anchovies; wash them under running water and wipe. Sprinkle the anchovies with salt and pepper and marinade them in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, garlic in slices and spring onions for two hours.

By using a sheeter make the sandwich loafs 1 mm thick.

Put the anchovies one next to each other on a loaf and then cover with another loaf. Cut the exceeding bread.

Sauté the anchovies, golden browning both the sides in oil and butter. Wipe the anchovies on adsorbing paper, salt them and serve immediately.

di Valentino Bontempi