Food Notes & Tousim 02/07/2012

An Arpagone for a pure Sangiovese

The power of culture. The vineyard Prato al Pozzo of Francesca Quiriconi in Cinignano, Italy, exploits a character from Moliere for a Montecucco doc

The vineyard of Francesca Quiriconi is called Prato al Pozzo and it is in Cinigiano, next to Grosseto and Montalcino, at the side of Monte Amiata.

The wine is a Montecucco doc obtained by Sangiovese grapes only and it is called Arpagone. The Prato al Pozzo property is 11 hectares: 1.5 hectares of grapes and the rest in olive trees and vegetables. The extra virgin olive oil of this property is very good, as well.

The vineyard is on a clayey and chalky land and it is called Argapone; hence the name of the wine.

Arpagone comes from the The Miser, a play by Moliere. The name was chosen to represent the scarcity of grapes produced by this vineyard.

The enologist which is responsible for the wine is Fabio Ratto. The 2008 vintage is ruby red with strong fruity flavors, in particular blueberry, raspberry and tobacco. The taste is very smooth with a nice tannin note, in perfect equilibrium with acidity.

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di Maria Carla Squeo