Food Notes & Tousim 06/08/2012

The big challenge of the monovariety oils of Olitalia

Recently also a well renowned producer marketed a series of extra virgin olive oils created to make the best of some of the most famous oil varieties. Nice bottles with top quality content

The creation of the monovariety oils by Olitalia is a true turning point. Following the success of the last years, that it was a popularity more then a selling accomplishment, the production of high quality oils from a single cultivar of olives by an important producer such as Olitalia will surely mark the commercial success of this idea. Most probably, the market of monocultivar will also exceed to already high expectations.

Given the crisis of the sector, mainly dependent of the price drop of extra virgin olive oils because of the silly low-cost policy of mass distribution, this new range of products will for sure benefit the world of oil.

Since the release of new products by Olitalia comes together with a proper marketing campaign, we can hope that this operation will have beneficial effects on the oil market. This is not easy, remembering the poor performances of other extra virgin olive oils; but it is worth trying.
The hope is that the curiosity for this new product will make even the less sensible consumers a bit more aware of the importance of quality. Trying is not a bad idea.


Ogliarola: Yellow color with green reflexes, it is clear at the sight. It shows a mild fruity aroma that is perceived in the nose with a fresh smell of almond and grass. It is fluid in the mouth; it is initially sweet and then bitter and spicy aromatic notes follow. Interesting retro-olfactory sensations of almond and light spicy.

Nocellare del Belice: Green color with gold reflexes, it is clear at the sight. It presents an aroma of green fruits with clear notes of mature tomato. The taste is vegetal, smooth with bitter and spicy notes in perfect equilibrium. Almond and grass notes follow.

Frantoio: green color. It shows a mild fruity aroma with strong grass notes. It is very smooth in the mouth and fluid. It presents interesting bitter and spicy notes. The taste clearly recalls the artichoke with a pleasant spicy note at the end.

di Luigi Caricato