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San Giuliano oil, 100% Italian

It is called “Fruttato” and it is a great extra virgin olive oil. Domenico Manca produces it by employing three olive varieties with extraordinary sensorial characteristics: Bosana, Frantoio and Coratina

It is worth trying it. This is an oil that strongly stresses the fruity notes at the taste. It derives from a clever selection of Bosana, Frantoio and Coratina olives. Olives are gathered still not fully matured in order to stress the sensorial sensations associated with mild fruity olive oils.

The gathering is performed from the tree in a period comprised between the end of September and October. Oil is extracted according to the following procedure: cold pressing with granite millstones, continuous extraction, natural settling and filtering.

This oil, named “Fruttato”, shows mild intensity fruity, an intermediate sensorial strength.

The San Giuliano Oil “Fruttato” comes in a golden yellow color with green reflexes. It is slightly hazy but it gets clear with time. It is a mild fruity oil with herbaceous notes. The taste is vegetal and smooth with some strong notes, with well-balanced bitter and spicy aromas. The fluidity is good. It shows a note of artichoke in the nose, in the taste and in the retro-olfactory sensation, at the end.

The delicate spicy note that can be perceived at the end is very interesting.

It can be used with: seafood salads, vegetables and legumes soups, white meats. Moreover, being a mild intensity fruity oil, it can be used in very diverse preparations.

If I should suggest a use I would go for a very Italian food: pasta. In this case a mild intensity fruity oil is very indicated because of its versatility, smoothness and the balancing between bitter and spicy notes. Moreover, when used to prepared pasta, it is mixed with cheese, which dims the bitter notes of oil. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why, if used with pasta, oils show milder fruity sensations, besides preserving the general harmony of aromas.

As for the pasta, given the high quality of this oil by Domenico Manca, I would suggest hard wheat pastas, processed and dried with delicate processing employing bronze dies, which are some suited for trapping the seasoning. As a matter of fact, other pastas, with smoother surfaces, are less prone to retain the seasoning on them.

Then, let’s try this oil and, possibly, try it with a good pasta… buon appetito!

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