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“About Liguria” for planning the perfect trip to Liguria

“About Liguria” is a practical online travel guide for discovering each side of this beautiful Italian region by the Mediterranean Sea

Actually, the peculiarity of this region is that it’s not just deep blue sea and wonderful beaches and cliffs, but it can offers visitors much more for a long relaxing holiday or a short stay.

Liguria Region is very rich in art, culture, history, so visitors will find a multitude of churches, museums, palaces, villas, monuments and old monasteries to visit and discover. Its main cities, La Spezia, Genova, Savona and Imperia has much to offer and, as a matter of fact, tourism is very developed in this region located in a perfect point between the sea and the mountains.

Yes, because in Liguria it’s also possible to enjoy nature, green vegetation and the famous “macchia mediterranea” made up of bushes and evergreen shrubs such as holm oak, tree heath, strawberry tree, spurger olive and myrtle. In this thin strip of land, it’s very usual to find an extraordinary variety of natural parks and conservation areas where people have the opportunity to marvel at many different species of Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Liguria travel guide “About Liguria” is a helpful online guide that helps users to find a lot of information and tips about this region, what to do, where to go, what to eat (typical dishes and traditional recipes), the best seaside villages not to miss, such as Camogli, Lerici, Sarzana, Sanremo and many more.

In addition, a special section of the website is dedicated to Cinque Terre, famous all around the world for their unique villages sheering into the sea and their breathless landscapes, green vegetation and deep blue sea. Cinque Terre are five little villages easily reachable by train, bus, car or by feet and, once there, you can walk the Via dell’Amore (“path of Love”) which links all the five villages each other.

The whole region of Liguria is easily practicable by feet and as a matter of fact, many visitors travelling to Liguria do many excursions in the several paths and itineraries of its hills and mountains. It’s possible to go from a charming crowded bay to a fresh, relaxing path of mountain in less of 1 hour. That’s what makes Liguria so special. Visitors can have the chance to enjoy any sort of landscape and environment: sea, mountains, natural parks, hills, historical cities, old fishers villages.

Without mentioning the Liguria islands, easily reachable by ferry. Ferry services are available in many cities and villages on the coast. Especially the terminals located in Genoa, Savona and La Spezia represent a destination and a starting point for cruise ships of the main companies.

In addition, on this guide to Liguria, users can find lists of the best restaurants, cafes, discos and pubs in the region, emergency numbers, internet points, wash & dry points, consulates, the best places for going shopping and also a useful booking service for checking availability and booking a hotel in Liguria or whatever they prefer.

Before leaving, it’s better to know something about our destination and plan our trip to avoid bad surprises on the way. The Liguria tourist guide “About Liguria” gives travellers a hand in planning their next or maybe first trip to Liguria.

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