Food Notes & Tousim 07/01/2013

Passion and expertise: the Tuscan Le Rancole extra virgin

In the Casentino, in the province of Arezzo, a farm born from the passion of Lorenzo Massart and Cinzia Chiarion. In the hearth of Cinzia born olive passion

It's not just oil. It is not a common and standard extra virgin. It 'an excellent product, a nectar that warms the hearts of Athena and enhances the dishes.

Among the hearts that beat stronger for extra virgin olive oil The Rancole there is to Cinzia Chiarion, internist and editor of the portal, but also co-owner of the farm Poggiotondo Subbiano (AR) with her husband .

An equitable sharing of tasks, Lorenzo Massart, novel Bacchus, the sector enoic, Cinzia Chiarion tidings Athena, the olive oil.

In the 54 hectares of the farm there are also 800 olive trees of Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo. Just want to talk about the latter variety, and in particular oil obtained in the campaign just ended. A Moraiolo obtained in the further north of the farm and is known as the theme Moraiolo cold. Despite all thanks to the generosity of this plant have a medium fruity extra virgin, with herbaceous notes well in evidence, especially the artichoke. The palate is fresh with a pleasant hint of herbs that are combined with a green almonds which also gives a mild and pleasant astringency. Slightly accentuated the bitterness that is felt only in the final. A little 'more pronounced instead of the spicy, medium intensity, but persistent.

Ideal with soups and cooked vegetables, it goes very well on pizza and focaccia, as well as on more elaborate dishes of white and red meat.

di Alberto Grimelli