Food Notes & Tousim 02/02/2013

Food Intelligence has published its report on the internationalization of global food companies

Globalization is the word on everyone's lips. It has become the cause of all the benefits as of all misfortunes. It is obviously a major strategic stake, a kind of “sesame” and in any case the most obvious sign of success for a firm in the business world. But at the same time what do we exactly know about the globalization of major companies? – Actually not much. In this area, information is often blurred by many misconceptions, often ideologically tagged. For instance, it is often taken for granted that transnational or multinational firms are highly internationalized. Reality is a bit more complex.

To tackle this issue, Food Intelligence has conducted an extensive work, in the food industry, to measure the degree of internationalization of the major global food and agri firms, listed in the Food Intelligence “World Food Companies Top 100”. To that end, Food Intelligence coined the concept of “ORO rate” which measures the proportion of business generated Outside the Region of Origin in overall activity.

Based on this novel indicator, Food Intelligence is now publishing the 2013 World Food Company Internationalization Ranking. In addition, Food Intelligence has conducted an in-depth strategic assessment and is now publishing the report Globalization of World Food Companies - 2013. Both the ranking and the report are available online at Through this study Food Intelligence significantly contributes to the understanding of globalization at work in the food field.

The WFC internationalization ranking and the associated strategic report will be updated every two years. It complements the WFC Top 100 (ranked by food net sales), which is updated every two years as well. All rankings and strategic reports can be purchased and downloaded online at

di S. C.