Food Notes & Tousim 04/03/2013

Fattoria Ramerino, Tuscan excellence that makes its way

The Tuscans love a challenge, how to recover 4000 abandoned olive trees. It is in the beautiful scene of rolling hills south of Florence born Guadagnolo "Primus", the exceptional extra virgin Fattoria Ramerino

When in the year 2000 Filippo Alampi young farmer, took over the farm Ramerino the hills of Florence, Tuscany was confronted with the challenge of having to retrieve more than 4,000 olive trees, many of them centuries old, long been abandoned.

Today, after a lot of work done with passion and dedication, the company is experiencing a new splendor from its producing olive Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and American about 70 pounds of extra virgin organic high quality.

"The first time I entered the old oil mill - says Philip Alampi-I came across the" Guadagnolo ", the ancient terra cotta jar that was used by millers to recover oil from the tools during processing of the olives." Immediately thought it would be a perfect name for your oil now sells versions Primus and Dulcis.

Guadagnolo "Primus", oil chosen for this review, is characterized by a fruity aroma of medium intensity with strong green notes reminiscent of freshly cut grass and artichoke and its pleasant balsamic sensations of mint and rosemary.

The taste is long and persistent with his bitter mind and decided spicy reminiscent of chicory and artichoke. The final note of black pepper complete the sensory profile.

Guadagnolo "Primus" is an extra virgin harmonic and complex, which surprised us for being such a faithful witness of the fascinating territory in which it arises.

di Duccio Morozzo della Rocca