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Sharon Delarose releases An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series

You don't need to look past your own back yard to discover bizarre and colorful insects, plants and animals. This photoblog series highlights a single acre in Georgia, USA with photos, stories, myths and legends

What happens when a city girl moves to rural Georgia? An amazing world opens up right in her own back yard. Originally from New York, Sharon Delarose moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1984 and fully embraced the city life of Atlanta proper.

Twenty years later in 2004, she moved to a subdivision on a small lake in Paulding County, where all traces of city life vanished. City lights were replaced by nature’s wizardry, and Sharon became an avid nature lover.

It started with finding orange tentacled tree blobs in a cedar tree, followed by neon caterpillars munching on a blackberry bush, and fuzzy red and black ants which turned out not to be ants but something much more frightening.

The journey of discovery started with photos on a blog, along with stories and facts for each entity. She became so immersed in the flora and fauna of rural Georgia that she published a nature series complete with photographs, facts, myths, legends, and engaging stories.

From tree frogs to mushrooms, and insects to weeds, every photo was taken on her single acre property. Combine a writer and amateur photographer with the gifts of Mother Nature, and you end up with An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series.

Book one is The Wizard of Awe which focuses on the spook factor with Halloween beetles, spiders dangling from the trees, tree mummies and witch’s toads, ghost flowers and genies, toaster pastry spiders, and Chinese dragon caterpillars.

Book two is Over the Hummingbird’s Rainbow which takes you into the life of a hummingbird in a way few people ever see. You’ll think twice about whacking weeds and killing spiders when you learn why the hummingbirds need them.

Book three is King of the Forest, which compares local creatures to the mighty lions of Africa.

Sharon hopes that the nature series will inspire people to protect and preserve this great planet we live on, one acre at a time.

di S. C.