Food Notes & Tousim 01/04/2013

A river, a territory, a great passion for extra virgin

Società Cooperativa Agricola Olivicoltori Valle del Cedrino took the win in the category slightly fruity of Olio Capitale competition. An oil that reflects the island: harmonious but with strong character

The Valley Cedrino, named after the river that runs through here on its final stretch, until it flows into the sea in Orosei. Its territory extends near the east coast of Sardinia, in the province of Nuoro, and includes the towns of Orosei, Galtellì Irgoli, Loculi and Onifai.

And 'here that nine members, with sixty acres of olive and extra virgin olive oil with a designation of origin are big Olio Capitale, winning in the category slightly fruity.

This is the identikit of the "Costa degli Olivi - Dop Sardinia" Società Cooperativa Agricola Olvicoltori Valle del Cedrino of Orosei (NU).

In this area is the Bosana to dominate, a variety that fully reflects the character of the region and its inhabitants. Small and compact, it fits well to intensive systems, it is productive but a little 'alternating. If properly treated, you can extract an extra virgin olive oil rich and full, especially shades and aromatic notes.

But now we want to focus on extra virgin olive oil "Costa degli Olivi - Dop Sardinia" which has a very complex flavor with a fruity definitely greener than mature, which is enriched with hints of grass, artichoke and many essences of Mediterranean. specifically, albeit of low intensity, we note cistus, myrtle, almost pungent. palate is fresh, harmonious and green. were recorded in sampling bitter and spicy, medium to light intensity and a slight astringency reminiscent of almonds green. After tasting the sweetness of the almond is in contrast with a pleasant and persistent spicy taste that fades slowly.

di S. C.