Food Notes & Tousim 16/04/2013

Carbs are not evil, doctor and chef explain

Tired of fad diets that demonize carbohydrates? You know . . . the ones that promise to make pounds melt away if you rid your refrigerator of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and forever forego fiber-packed whole grain bread? Those quick-fix plans just don’t deliver long-term. And since when did banishing healthy carbs from our diets become the norm?

For those looking to say goodbye to bad eating habits and trendy diets, they can find solutions in the bright new book, Wellness 100: 100 Carbs/100 Recipes. Authors Dr. Amber French and chef Kari Morris have created a long-term sensible and enjoyable lifestyle program that is pro-carb.

At the heart of Wellness 100 is a balanced carbohydrate program that encourages readers to count healthy carbs, not eliminate them. As the authors explain, following a balanced diet that includes 100 grams of carbs a day, as well as proteins and fats, has many benefits including weight loss, maintaining better overall health, slowing down the aging process, and preventing damage that leads to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

French and Morris offer pages of sound nutritional advice as well as 100 vibrant, flavorful recipes that will help readers make smart food choices and keep both calories and carbs at healthy levels. Wellness 100 is packed with simple, delicious recipes for nutritious meals including savory breakfast tacos, mouthwatering fruit smoothies, vegetable and pork stir-fry, and spicy baked shrimp with grits. The book also includes a helpful, easy-to-read shopping list to help readers make the best choices at the supermarket.

Wellness 100 readers will learn both how to shop and eat, and how to live a long, healthy, positive lifestyle by being smart about their carbohydrate intake. Its back-to-basics, easy-to-follow approach has even won the attention and praise of Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant and his wife, who call the program “enlightening,” “inspirational,” and “beyond delicious.” Wellness 100 also recently received a 5 Star Review by Readers Favorite!

di S. C.