Food Notes & Tousim 01/07/2013

Tuscany overlooks Italian olive oil: Il Colle docet

A young, Agriturismo Il Colle, but has got a great result by imposing, in the medium fruity category of the competition Olio Capitale, even on a large group of fellow. Even organic and PGI are the weapons of this success

Bagno a Ripoli is by no more than ten kilometers to Florence. These are the first hills that surround the city that has seen him work and operate Brunelleschi, Donatello and Masaccio.

Here then is that "tear out the oil from olives" overlooking the Duomo has a special charm, just as engage in the cultivation of olive trees in the valleys and hillocks.

A difficult task since the Agriturismo Il Colle rests on clay soils, with exposure primarily to North West. A challenge for the olive trees and perhaps for this reason also the oldest plants were required with recovery operations after the frost of 1985.

And 'well known that the Tuscans are stubborn, as well as being a bit' unconscious. It 's so that kicks off the company which, since 2008, also was equipped with a mill.

But the challenge in the 12 hectares of the holding, is double because the method of cultivation is organic and also adheres to the consortium of oil PGI Toscano.

A mix of passion, recklessness and professionalism, friendliness and seasoned with a touch of luck. Yes, because the year 2012 was particularly favorable to quality for the extra virgin Tuscan, and more generally to those in central Italy.

We are, however the description of the "Verde del Colle", the crus of Il Colle, who won the competition Olio Capitale in the category intense fruity.

It 'a green oil, with yellow, striking for un'aromaticità complex and very penetrating. We distinguish clearly the fruity green olive, the stem of the artichoke, freshly mown grass and a hint of tomato leaf. In closing even some hints of herb, such as tarragon, completes a picture so eclectic. The palate impresses immediately the feeling of freshness and greenery that astounds from the first second, to which is added the bitter, medium intensity, pleasantly persistent. The spicy it goes almost to replace, in the course of tasting the bitterness with which it is in perfect balance ..

di Alberto Grimelli