Food Notes & Tousim 05/08/2013

Mueloliva Picuda, an extra virgin strong as a bull

Not all Ibrerian olive oils are low quality products. Muela Olives S.L shows the "force" of Spanish extra virgin. It's the winner in the category of intense fruit of the seventh competition Harmony

This month it is a Spanish oil, the Company Muela Olives SL, located in Priego de Cordoba, a nucleus of 22,000 inhabitants halfway between Cordoba and Granada, not far from Jaen, countries that immediately evoke the memory endless white Andalusian of olive trees crossed by roads with little jokes, the baroque and the influence of culture and art of Muslim rule. Mueloliva Picuda is the name of the oil: two words that easily explain who is the producer and that cultivar was obtained.

We are always in the Spanish region that provides one-third of the olive oil sold in the world, in the region of large numbers often considered synonymous with low quality from the collective imagination: well, this oil also denies that place common, occurring on the nose with a fruity green, really green, intense, that carries us immediately into a vortex of freshly cut grass, rich in clover and herbs. As soon as the vortex decreases emerge decided the summer scents of the garden wrought by the sun. And then leaves, grass, garden .... It does not seem to go on forever. In the mouth the bitter and it is important to remember the rocket very fresh, spicy, a little more intense, provides a perfect counterpoint reminiscent of the nasal sensations, leaving at the end of the mouth surprised but clean. I sniff the glass again and still haunt grass, vegetable garden ... With the same intensity as the first taste. An oil that offers thrills, decisive and consistent, making the posters come to mind that have the shape of bulls that are often found in the hills of Andalusia: a clear sign of tradition and strength. Another product, another story that shows how many clichés about the quality of the oil Spanish, especially if made with widespread cultivars such as Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca Picudo or are contradicted by many (and I mean many) manufacturers Andalusians.