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Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose

A funny book that is both entertaining and educational is a true win for both parent and child

Written by international best-selling children’s author, Sheri Fink, the Kindle edition of Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose debuted at #1 on the Amazon best-seller list recently. Essential scholastic themes such as learning the alphabet, exploring nature, identifying garden terms, and more are included in this delightful download.

Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose Kindle Edition now allows children to follow the beloved Little Rose in an exciting and interactive format.

Beautifully illustrated by best-selling illustrator Mary Erikson Washam, Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose takes the reader into the enchanting world of nature while instilling valuable analytical and developmental skills for children. The Little Rose acts as nature’s guide as she leads children into the world of critical thought by asking the reader to find what the Little Rose sees in the garden. Children will feel empowered as they learn to quickly spot the nature-themed words. Instilling the love of learning and of acceptance- of oneself and of one’s surroundings- are just a few of the important messages this tale offers to its readers.

Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose is an excellent way to reinforce the ABC’s in a fun and positive manner.

“I’m incredibly excited that my readers will be able to explore nature with the Little Rose in an exciting new digital format,” says the author.

Sheri Fink visits schools, libraries, writing conferences, reading events and other organizations to spread the important themes shared in her books, in addition to speaking about her journey as a best-selling children’s author. Sheri possesses the unique ability to instill seeds of self-esteem and empowerment in children, and her books encourage them to be their best selves.

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