Food Notes & Tousim 04/11/2013

The best quality / price extra virgin is Sardinian

An honest price, but it is not the only element to have impressed the judges of the Gambero Rosso. Antonio Gavino Fois has produced a riot of herbs, rosemary, mint and a clean scents of the Mediterranean

Antica Compagnia Olearia, owned by Antonio Gavino Fois, was founded in 1860. This is an important reality in northern Sardinia, precisely of Alghero, which has more than 170 hectares of olive grove between those owned and those for rent . The most widely cultivated variety is the Bosana, given the territory particularly suited, but you are also experiencing different cultivars such as Semidana , another important variety island. Excellent value for money.

Vecchia Las Tanas Monocultivar Bosana

This year is not only his honest price to surprise . Let's talk about one of the region's best extra virgin and to understand just feel the complexity of aromas : a riot of herbs, rosemary, mint with the addition of the clean scents of the Mediterranean. Of great persistence on the palate , which is characterized by an excellent balance of spicy / bitter, does not disappoint on either end that reveals clean and very long .

Combined with: roast lamb with aromatic herbs .

Antica Compagnia Olearia Sarda
Via Vittorio Emanuele , 225, Alghero ( SS)

di Stefano Polacchi