Food Notes & Tousim 06/01/2014

In the Olympus of monocultivar olive oil: the Tonda Iblea

An extra virgin with the face of an angel, the Cherubino Terraliva, fresh and herbaceous. Pungent and bitter fruit in balance of 1,700 plants, even a hundred years old, grown using organic methods

An estate of 10 hectares at 700 meters above sea level where Tino Cavarra and Giuseppina Frontino have invested their efforts to combine a beautiful farmhouse with the production of extra virgin quality. The 1,700 plants of the variety Tonda Hyblaia present, of which many hundred years old, are organic, cured with passion and bring to demolish within a few hours. All this in an area like that of Buccheri, where the landscape is made ​​up mainly of olive trees and that has always suited to olive-growing tradition.

Cherubino - Monocultivar Tonda Iblea
A wonderful fruity by great complexity. The nose develops characterized by a captivating plot aromatic tomato leaf, oregano and thyme that are intertwined with great elegance. In the mouth arise predominantly herbaceous notes and appreciates also the beautiful balance between bitter and spicy. One of the finest performances of the Tonda Iblea of last olive oil season.

Pairings: tomato “cuore di bue”, gazpacho, pappa al pomodoro, bruschetta.

Cherubino Dop Monti Iblei Monocultivar Tonda Iblea
Contrada S. Andrea (SR)

di Stefano Polacchi