Food Notes & Tousim 13/10/2014

The scent of excellence for Ascolana tenera extra virgin olive oil

The family Marcantoni decided to devote himself to the production of extra virgin less than ten years old but has already reached considerable heights, thanks to ingenuity and innovation

The Convent is the family farm Marcantoni and is located in the Marche, a Monteciccardo, province of Pesaro-Urbino.

Father and sons are engaged since 2008 in the production of quality wine and extra virgin.

The olive grove covers an area of ​​20 ectars where they were planted about 7000 plants in three indigenous cultivars (Raggiola, Ascolana Tender, Rosciola) and two at the national level (Leccino and Picholine).

The olive trees are young, but produce healthy fruit under organic management, which are processed within 12 hours of collection. The milling is done in the modern system of property with kneading stage cooled by liquid nitrogen, to ensure maximum extraction of aromas and the preservation of antioxidant substances olive.

Among the oils certainly the most interesting Fra Bernardo, who won the special prize of the best single variety oil Gamero Rosso in 2014.

Fra Bernardo is un'Ascolana tenera in purity and has a fruity between the medium and the intense, characterized by important herbaceous notes: tomato leaves, Mediterranean scrub and green tomatoes. The taste back the notes of tomato and herbs to dominate, while the green almond gently closes the aftertaste. The bitter, slightly prevailing on the spicy, supports their vitality. A mild oil and vigorous set of large and complex personality.

Best with: spaghetti with meat sauce

The Convent, Monteciccardo (PU),

di Indra Galbo